King Fisher Nursery

baby unit, day nursery & pre‐school

Parent Partnership

The education of a child at every stage is a partnership between King Fishers and the parents. As parents you are the prime educators in a child’s life. The family is a vital support unit and we view close co-operation and communication with parents in understanding and encouraging their child’s development as fundamental.

Helping your Child Become a Reader

At King Fishers Day Nursery, we have introduced a home-loan book scheme to help your child develop pre-reading skills.

  • Please share the books with your child as bed-time stories.
  • Make reading together a fun, happy time.
  • Do NOT expect your child to read the book back to you. Just read and enjoy the story together.
  • In this way, your child will learn a lot about reading.
  • Listening to favourite stories several times a week is the best way to develop reading skills and a love of books, that may last a lifetime.

Parents Day

Parent’s day will be held 4 times a year. The parent’s days are an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and development in an informal environment; this is with your child’s key worker. Parents wishing to have access to their child’s Learning Journal may do so at any time.

Personal Items

King Fishers are happy for you to leave items such as pushchairs and car seats in the space provided, but will not accept any responsibilty for loss or damage to these items. There are left at your own risk.

Unacceptable Behaviour By Parents, Carers Or Visitors

If any parent, carer or visitor behaves in an unacceptable way within the nursery premises ie. shouting, swearing, violence or any other abusive behaviour, it will result in the person being excluded from entering the premises. Any member of staff, parent, carer or visitor who witnesses any unacceptable behaviour must report it to the Manager immediately, who will deal with the offending person in the appropriate manner. We reserve the right to exclude anyone who does not comply with our policys and procedures.

Travel Plan

At King Fishers we aim to encourage parents to think about how they travel to and from nursery, home, work and even consider different forms of transport for over the weekend. Public transport within the area is great and children gain an important life skill through walking on the street or even riding their bike or scooter, which can be stored along with the buggies outside of the nursery (Please note that as with the buggies this is done at your own risk) Together we can help lower co2 omissions and learn to be healthy at the same time as enjoying our environment. Why not leave the car at home and walk or take the bus, children will benefit from the journey!