King Fisher Nursery

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Early Years

Our activities are planned to promote a good standard of learning through Adult Lead and Child Initiated activities, for example:

Adult Lead learning takes the form of teaching phonics, handwriting, reading skills and circle time activities.

Child Initiated learning takes the form of role play in free play activities e.g. the role play area, the sand or water play activities and also in problem solving activities e.g. puzzles. The staff at King Fishers are committed in giving the children space to develop their own unique character.

Purpose and Aims

The aim of using the Early Years Foundation Stage is to help all children achieve the five ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes of staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well being.

A Principled Approach

The Early Years Foundation Stage states that ‘All children, irrespective of ethnicity, culture or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties or disabilities, gender or ability should have the opportunity to experience a challenging and enjoyable programme of learning and development”.

The Early Years Foundation Stage principles which guide the work of all practitioners are grouped into four distinct but complementary themes:

A Unique Child

Every child is a competent learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured.

Positive Relationships

Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person.

Enabling Environments

The environment plays a key role in supporting and extending childrens development and learning.

Learning and Development

Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of learning and development are equally important and inter-connected.

We plan activities to meet the six areas covered by the early learning goals and education programmes. We aim to provide activities appropriate to each child’s individual development and to meet the needs of each child through careful assessment and planning.

Additional Classes

In addition to the comprehensive learning programme already available at Kingfishers, we are also able to offer extra classes:

  1. French classes – children learn quickly and introducing another language  is an ideal opportunity to start laying the foundations they will build on for  future learning.
  2. MAD Academy  –  Fun,Funky, physical and packed full of singing, dancing, music, games, props and of course laughter.
  3. Multi-Sports  – on rotation is football, hockey, tag rugby,  tennis and cricket.

Qualified instructors will visit the nursery once a week to conduct these classes.There is an additional charge for these classes.

The Areas of Learning Are